Pebble Steel: The best smartwatch of 2014!

Pebble Steel: The best smartwatch of 2014!

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

The Pebble Steel isn’t just the best smartwatch ever, it’s the blueprint … space, how is the Pebble Steel watch still our most wanted wearable?

pebble steel smartwatch

Once again, I’ve come back to the Pebble Steel.

Released back in January, the stainless steel-clad Pebble Steel is a cosmetic upgrade to the original crowdsourced 2013 smartwatch, the Pebble. Its features are now relatively ancient: it has a non-touch, black and white display. It doesn’t track heart rate. It can only store eight apps at a time.

And yet, it’s my favorite smartwatch. It’s waterproof and shower- and swim-friendly. Its display is easily readable, even in bright sunlight. Its battery lasts longer than other smartwatches. It works with both iPhones and Android phones. And, even though it seemed big months ago, it’s smaller and more discreet than recent watches like the Samsung Gear S and Moto 360.

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Recent changes, including a price drop — it dropped to $199 from its original $249 (£179 in the UK, AU$229) — and the addition of background pedometer fitness tracking, now make the Pebble Steel a better purchase than before.

Let’s be honest: The wearable tech landscape is changing rapidly, and many more smartwatches are due early next year that could age the Pebble even further. It’s also quite possible, if not probable, that you’ll see a third-generation Pebble hit sometime in 2015. (The Steel was released in February 2014.)

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Source: Scott Stein

Image source: Cheryl Downing