Survey: 1-in-5 iPhone 6 Owners Plan to Buy an Apple Watch

Survey: 1-in-5 iPhone 6 Owners Plan to Buy an Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple’s Wearable Device

Apple Watch is the most personal product ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn. According to the survey, many Apple iPhone 6 owners are planning to buy an Apple Watch. Here’s why?

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Much is still unknown about the Apple Watch, but it seems that a good proportion of iPhone 6 owners have already made their minds up about getting one.

According to a survey carried out by Credit Suisse, 18 percent of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus polled said that they would “definitely” be buying one.

A further 11 percent said “probably,” while 27 percent came in with a more hesitant “maybe.”

One the “no” side, 27 percent offered up a “probably not,” while 18 percent offered a firm “no, definitely.”

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So, if this poll is to be believed, demand for the Apple Watch isn’t going to be a problem, but supply might. Credit Suisse estimates that Apple will only make approximately 20 million Apple Watches over 2015, so getting your hands on one might be tricky. And that could be exacerbated by the fact that Apple will be offering the smartwatch in a number of models and finishes.

What we know of the Apple Watch so far seems to suggest it is a strong product:

Starting price: $349 is a great starting price. That’s not going to scare people.
Design: It’s an innovative design, combining some of the paradigms of a traditional wristwatch and of the iPhone, and adding a few new ones.

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Source: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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