Apple iPad tablets available in stores

Apple iPad tablets available in stores

Best Apple iPad to purchase

Which Is The Best Apple iPads To Buy: iPad mini 2, 3, iPad Air, or Air 2?

Here are the five different iPads you can choose from, the three versions of the iPad mini, and two different iPad Airs. Choosing between the 5 different ipads are difficult decision to make. We have herea expert buying advice you can look upon.

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If you’re in the market for an iPad, you probably thought it would be easy deciding which one to buy. With Apple’s recent launch of the iPad mini 3 and Air 2, things just became more difficult: this is the first time Apple has offered five different versions at once.

Chances are you’ve already discovered that choosing an iPad isn’t as straightforward as you thought. For each of the five models, there are different capacities, those with 3G (or 4G) and those without, and different colours.

All bar the iPad mini have Retina displays, and older models are available with only a small amount of internal storage. However, as we’ll discuss, there are ways to boost an iPad’s storage so you don’t necessarily need to fork out for extra capacity.

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Which is the best iPad: 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi only?

First up, decide on the basics. Do you need mobile data or not? If you want to use Facebook, email or YouTube in the car or on the train, you’re going to want a 3G version (or 4G if you’re buying one of the two newest iPads). 4G models are backwards compatible with 3G, so you won’t have to pay over the odds for a 4G data SIM. Currently, there are some good deals on data-only SIMs, from Three and giffgaff. One change with the latest iPad Air 2 and mini 3 is an in-built SIM card, but you can remove this and insert your own.