Is Apple Still Releasing New Devices like Ipod Classic?

Is Apple Still Releasing New Devices like Ipod Classic?

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Apple’s iPod Classic Device

Are you searching for the new iPod Classic? The electronics market have seen new devices coming out from Apple. We’re now just about halfway through 2014 and Apple haven’t yet launch any new Ipod. Find out here if Apple will still release Ipods.


Apple’s iPod business has shrunk to the point where the company no longer even mentions it among its main product list at quarterly earnings. And while unveiling this year’s latest iPhones last month, Apple rolled out a new iPod color without little fanfare. Some way to treat a product that sold 26.4 million units in the past 12 months and helped pave the way to the company’s current riches. But as time goes by there’s simply no arguing that the iPod has become a less important Apple product, especially because it generates less and less revenue for the company. On the flip side, Apple’s iTunes business — which includes the App Store, iBookstore, and sales of music, movies, and TV shows — has evolved from the iPod’s sidekick into the matriarch of Apple’s offerings. It’s become a major part of how Apple differentiates its gadgets from competitors.

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For its fiscal year, which ran through September and was fully reported on Monday , Apple sold 26.4 million iPods, down 35 percent from last year. That amounted to $4.4 billion in sales, or down 30 percent in revenue from the year before. By comparison, the iTunes Store and its surrounding businesses (which grew out of the iPod) brought in $15 billion in sales and grew by 22 percent.

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