Becoming an Iphone Repair Technician

Becoming an Iphone Repair Technician

How to Become an Apple Certified Technician

Becoming a certified technician for Apple products like the iPhone and the iPod is a worthwhile opportunity for many individual. Being an Apple Repair Technician is not easy but its the coolest job ever. Training to become a certified iPhone technician is open to the general public.

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Are you looking for an awesome way to make some extra cash? Are you a self-proclaimed techie? Do you enjoy taking electronics apart just to put them back together again? Are you the first person your friends call when something needs fixed? If so, you sound like the perfect candidate to become an iCracked iPhone repair iTech, and iCracked wants you to apply for the team!


Video about Apple Certified Technician

iCracked currently has certified iTechnicians in over 100 locations nationwide with plans to offer our services in every major city worldwide. If you think you’re cut out for the job, iCracked provides you with everything you need to start your own iPhone repair shop, and we mean everything. When you become an iTech, you will receive a startup kit that includes iPhone repair parts and tools, operations manuals, custom iPhone repair videos, marketing materials, 24 hour consulting, iCracked business cards, iCracked phone number, iCracked email address, and more.

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