Every member of parliament will get an iPad Air 2

Every member of parliament will get an iPad Air 2

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The Apple iPad Air 2 meets these requirements and is competitively priced when compared with similar models.

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Every single member of parliament is set to get a brand-new iPad Air 2, as part of a huge hardware refresh, which will also see them receive new laptops. The new hardware will be distributed to the MPs after the general election on May 7th.

Although the move is set to cost £200,000 per year (including the cost of SIM cards), John Thurso, who represents the commission, has said that iPads are “linked to a programme to reduce hard copy printing in favour of online publication that is already delivering savings in excess of £3 million per year. These savings are expected to grow further in the new parliament.”

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The move is not something that all MPs are happy with. Chi Onwurah, the Labour Shadow Cabinet Office minister, raised some concerns about the provision. According to The Express, Onwurah said, “As we saw with Nigel Mills and Candy Crush, MPs will be using the games, and the iTunes and other features on the iPad.”

While that’s true to a degree, Android tablets also have games, while MPs will still have their phones. Laptops, too, can also be used to play games. In short, all technology can be used inappropriately, but there needs to be a policy in place to deal with people that go too far.

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