Hidden features in iOS 8: Apple users should know.

Hidden features in iOS 8: Apple users should know.

iOS 8 Hidden Features

Apple iOS New Features

iOS 8 has been the most significant and feature rich update ever since the rollout of the platform. With every new OS update Apple has never failed to introduce an array of really useful and captivating kind of features but in this update there is a bunch of formidable additions and enhancements. Here’s new iOS 8 hidden features that are particularly great for integrating deeper with apple users.

ios 8 features

With each iteration, Apple adds new features to iOS to make it even better. With iOS 8, Apple started with a great foundation in iOS 7 and added quite a few new features that integrate more deeply with the Mac. You’ve probably already heard about a lot of the big features introduced in iOS 8, but there are plenty other unannounced features that to uncover. Once you learn about these features, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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1. Find My iPhone: Send last location before battery dies
Find my iPhone is a great feature, but if your battery dies, you’ll be unable to track it, and your chances of seeing your device again diminishes significantly. Fortunately, a new feature in iOS 8 can help save your day (and perhaps your device).

With iOS 8, Find my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch can now send the last known device location to iCloud before your battery dies. This can really be helpful to track down your device.

To enable this feature, perform these steps:
Open Settings
Tap iCloud | Find my [device type]
Turn on the option for Send Last Location

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Source: Cory Bohon

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