iPad Air 2 – Everyone Loves it!

iPad Air 2 – Everyone Loves it!

iPad Air 2 Review

iPad Air 2 Features

The iPad Air 2 is an insanely fast, alarmingly thin tablet with looks to die for. Find out more in our iPad Air 2 review, which includes speed tests, camera tests, battery and audio tests and detailed reviews of the iPad Air 2’s features, design and specs.

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I’ve had a troubled history with the iPad; friends that own the device have always sung praises of the iPad for how it changed their life, but I never got it. That’s finally changed with the iPad Air 2.

When Apple announced the iPad Air 2, it sounded intriguing. Lighter and thinner was enough to catch my eye, but with an improved display and the addition of Touch ID? It sounded too good to be true.

The iPad Air continues to be stunning; enough to make you want to pick it up all the time. But picking it up is the surprising part — especially the first time — because it’s incredibly light. The absence of weight is enough to shock you the first time you take it out of the box or try it in the store, especially considering the physical size of the device.

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The iPad Air 2 is just 6.1 mm thick, a 1.4mm drop from last year’s model, and it weighs in at 437g, a drop from 469g last year. It’s not a huge improvement over last year’s iPad, but still marks Apple’s endless march toward thinner and lighter.

When you’re talking about a 106g difference in weight over the iPad mini 2, for two extra inches of screen it’s impressive. Apple has nailed the perfect balance of thinness and weight.

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Source: Owen Williams

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