iPad Buying Guide: Which iPad is right for you?

iPad Buying Guide: Which iPad is right for you?

Apple iPad Models

Should you buy the iPad Air 1 or the iPad Air 2? Or one of the iPad minis? The answer to you question depends on how much you would like to keep stored on your iPad.

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With five different models in two sizes and prices ranging from $249 to $829, there has never been more variety for iPad shoppers. That’s a good thing, but how do you decide which one to buy? Use our handy iPad buying guide to get the right Apple slate for your needs and budget.

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Common Features
All iPads provide access to more than 675,000 apps optimized for the big screen, which is far more than Android or Windows offer. You can also expect a high-quality aluminum unibody design and a bright and crisp display. With iOS 8, iPads are now more versatile, with interactive notifications, support for third-party keyboards and Family Sharing for App Store and iTunes purchases.

Also note that all iPad models can be ordered with 4G LTE capability, which allows you to get online when you’re out of Wi-Fi range. You’ll pay $129 more than you would for the Wi-Fi-only version, plus the cost of whatever monthly data plan you sign up for.

iPad Models Compared
The iPad lineup is made up of two families: the iPad Air and the iPad mini. But as you drill down to the individual models, there is plenty of variety in specs, features and price. Here’s a quick breakdown.

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