Ipad Carriers Switching Turns Out Difficult

Ipad Carriers Switching Turns Out Difficult

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Have you got a new Ipad and want to switch for a new carriers? This article will tell you that it is not easy. Find out the reasons why and decide what to choose now.



The new Apple SIM card in new iPad models was supposed to make it easier to bounce around among different wireless carriers. That didn’t seem to last long.

The Apple SIM (subscriber identity module) promised the ability to switch carriers with a few taps on the tablet, instead of having to physically switch out SIM cards. But in many cases the Apple SIM is either unavailable in the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 or is locked to specific carriers.

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An AT&T spokesman confirmed Friday that it will lock down the SIM cards found in the new tablets. A new iPad purchased at a T-Mobile store will also include a SIM preset to the carrier, according to a person familiar with the carrier’s plans. The tablets purchased at a Sprint store don’t have the Apple SIM at all, and are instead fitted with a Sprint-based SIM, according to Apple. In all three of those cases, if a customer wants to switch, the person needs to physically change out the SIM card, just as in older iPad models.

An iPad purchased at an Apple store or other third-party retailer such as Best Buy for use on T-Mobile’s network, however, will remain open, and users can switch to another carrier on the fly, the person said. Sprint appears to have a similar policy. An AT&T iPad purchased at an Apple store will not remain open.

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