iPad Plus: The super-sized, super-thin tablet

iPad Plus: The super-sized, super-thin tablet

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The iPad Plus is a nice refinement and finesse of last year’s model, with a bevy of tweaks, enhancements, a much faster processor, and the welcome addition of Touch ID. Simply put: it’s still the gold standard for tablets.

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We’ve seen a whole host of rumours about a larger 12.9-inch iPad model over the last few months, and the latest nugget of info to leak out of the supply chain is that this device is called the iPad Plus (and not the iPad Pro). That would fit neatly with Apple’s naming strategy for the iPhone.

According to the GizmoChina grapevine this iPad Plus is going to feature a 2K resolution (that’s 2048 x 1536 pixels) and will be just 7mm thick – today’s iPad Air 2 boasts the same resolution and is slightly thinner at 6.1mm.

Of course the big difference would be that 12.9-inch screen, more room for your spreadsheets, endless runners and creative doodling. In fact we wouldn’t be completely surprised if the iPad Plus and the rumoured MacBook Stealth turned out to be one and the same device.

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If you’re still hungry for more titbits of leaked info, GizmoChina says the tablet will weigh less than 700g (the iPad Air 2 weights 437-444g) and is set to feature a 11000mAh battery – that’s a 150% increase on the current flagship, though of course there’s more screen space to light up.

Considering the price is inevitably going to jump higher too, we’d say this is a top-end device aimed very much at professionals and enterprise users. Most casual users aren’t going to want to use a tablet that could break their noses if dropped in bed.

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Source: David Nield

Image Source: Fontaine Virgile