How An Ipad Useful As Well As Safe For Kids!!!

How An Ipad Useful As Well As Safe For Kids!!!

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Ipads can be set to make it a child friendly one. It can be a source of fun and entertainment especially for kids. So its better to childproof your ipad from sites that doesn’t fit their age like sites for adult etc. It can ensure your child’s safety as well as your own peace of mind.

ipad repairs horley I love the iPad. Especially when I can palm it off to my daughter at 7am on a Saturday morning to catch a few more moments of shut eye before I have to face the day. However, in the back of my sleep fuddled mind, I’m worrying. What if she stumbles upon a scene from RoboCop (the original) on YouTube? What if she finds Infinity Blade? What if she downloads ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ on iBooks (the horror!). As anyone will know, unfiltered, unrestricted access to the internet and other features of the iPad is not a good idea for children of a variety of ages. Thankfully, the iPad makes it easy for us, as parents to take the lead in securing the device, whilst still keeping it functional for our children. There is also no need to tinker around under the hood of your router.

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Guided Access If you have an app that you want your child to use, but you don’t want them to have the option of leaving this app to do something else, then you need to enable ‘Guided Access’. You can do this by going to: Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access Once you enable this, you set a PIN code so you can get out of guided access mode. To activate it, go into the app you want to lock your child into, triple click the Home button and press ‘Start’.


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