iPhone’s Health App: Health and Fitness guide.

iPhone’s Health App: Health and Fitness guide.

iPhone’s Health App

The new Health app gives you a dashboard of all your health data. And a new tool for developers allows health and fitness apps to work together. Here’s the complete guide that you need to know about new health and fitness apps in iOS phones.

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I complete workouts in an app called 7 Minute Workout, but I also log activities in Argus. My steps get counted with my FitBit, and my heart rate gets tracked in Instant Heart Rate. My data is everywhere — well it was — until Health came along.

Health, an app designed by Apple and stocked on iOS 8, finally gives us a way to put data from all kinds of apps in one place.

You’ll often see Health in the context calorie-counting and fitness activity-tracking, but the platform is designed to handle much more than that. With the right coaxing, it can help you get a grip on other areas of wellness, such as vitamin intake (for managing deficiencies, for example), blood glucose tracking, sleep, and even vitals like heart rate and blood pressure.

As more of us rely on apps and phone-synced devices to monitor our wellness, Apple wants its users to be able to make sense of the data. And, perhaps one day — share that data with their physicians.

Build your dashboard
Health is an aggregator designed to collect data, not supply it. Most of the time, the metrics that appear on your dashboard will be based on data supplied by other apps.However, there are two exceptions: steps and flights climbed.

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Source: Sharon Profis

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