Its Apple’s iPad 5th birthday

Its Apple’s iPad 5th birthday

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When the first iPad launched on 3 April 2010, opinion was split on how popular the product would turn out to be, and whether the tablet market would grow. There’s no doubt that in its five years Apple’s iPad has revolutionised personal computing. It just hasn’t revolutionised mine.


After Apple announced the iPad on the 27th January 2010, a lot of people dismissed it as just a big iPod and that nobody wanted a tablet. When it launched on April 3rd 2010, five years ago, all the doubters were shown to be wrong and the tablet was a huge success. In fact, it holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest selling consumer electronics device, shifting 3m units in just 80 days.

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With the tablet now well established, it’s hard to remember what an important device it really was. Before the iPad launched, we had tablets, but they were massively hampered by the Windows operating system they ran, which really wasn’t designed to work on touchscreen devices. It was no wonder, then, that a lot of people didn’t think that a tablet could work.

With the iPad, Apple managed to take iOS and customise and tweak it for the iPad’s 9.7in display, giving the iPhone’s experience on a bigger screen. Most importantly, Apple also got developers to make iPad-specific versions of their apps, making them work properly on the tablet.

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