Newly Updated Ipad Air 2 – Amazing Features In Reasonable Price

Newly Updated Ipad Air 2 – Amazing Features In Reasonable Price

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Ipad Air 2 is the newest member of the Apple family which only comes out yesterday. Apple has announced the iPad Air 2, with a gold colour option, a thinner body, and a faster A8X chip. Everything you need to know about the new iPad Air is here.


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Apple hasn’t really changed the design of the iPad with this new model. It’s hardly surprising, since the Air was the first major redesign following three years of the same basic chassis shared by the iPad 2, 3 and 4.

What Apple has done is to  make it even thinner at just 6.1mm. That’s 18 percent thinner than the iPad Air, and makes it the world’s thinnest tablet, less than half the thickess of the original iPad.Making it thinner was achieved by bonding the display components together, and the new display has an anti-reflective coating which is 56 percent less reflective than the iPad Air.


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That means that the big differentiator – visually at least – of the Air 2 is its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a feature widely tipped to be added to this year’s iPads. (There’s also a new gold version, if that’s your thing.)


Other than this, the iPad Air 2 looks almost identical to its predecessor. The change in thickness means that iPad Air-specific accessories may not fit or work with the new model, including cases, keyboards, stands and clamps.


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Image Source:John Karakatsanis