A rumored Apple iPad Stylus

A rumored Apple iPad Stylus

Apple iPad Stylus

Apple iPad Stylus Rumors

A rumored Apple iPad stylus could point toward business ambitions, bigger tablets. Find out more about it here.

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs didn’t like the idea of a stylus for mobile devices, famously decrying, “if you see a stylus, they [the developer] blew it.” The post-Jobs Apple may have a different view on the stylus, according to one analyst.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says Apple is likely to release a ipad stylus in the spring to complement the long-rumored “iPad Pro,” a purported 12.9-inch slate. Kuo, who is reputed to have deep contacts within Apple’s supply chain, based his analysis on Apple’s patent filings and his own research, according to Apple Insider.

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Why this matters: Although Kuo’s report is well within the “rumor zone,” an Apple-made stylus isn’t all that crazy and doesn’t seem impossible for even the 9.7-inch iPad. We’ve been reviewing styluses for Apple’s tablet for almost as long as there’s been an iPad. Clearly, there’s a desire among at least some users to put pen to glass. Also, the iPad has always been a popular device for the workplace, where greater amounts of handwriting or drawing may occur. The iPad’s popularity as a business device is poised to grow along with its computing power.¬†Apple’s partnership with IBM to build enterprise-specific apps is also likely to increase the iPad’s presence in the corporate world.

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