The Story Behind the iPhone Screen Controversy- The Supplier Speaks Up

The Story Behind the iPhone Screen Controversy- The Supplier Speaks Up

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Our mobile phones are already part of our everyday life, and most of the time became one of our necessities. Creators of our mobile phones are trying so hard to make the best on their products, but just then, unexpected things happen like dropping it, sit on it, wet it, overused it, and the like. The latest release of iPhone became very controversial all over the world because of its newest screen feature. Read further to know more about the controversial screen feature of iPhone.

The fate of iPhone’s sapphire screen looks dubious, per DisplayMate report

New iPhones with scratch-resistant sapphire glass seemed like a sure bet just a couple of months ago, but a new analysis suggests that new screen material was always a long shot.

As DisplayMate’s Raymond Soneira wrote, sapphire isn’t just expensive and difficult to manufacture. It also has nearly double the reflectance of glass, making the screen harder to read in bright sunlight. It’s also a brittle substance that’s more prone to shattering than glass, despite its scratch resistance.

Apple’s intended sapphire supplier, GT Advanced Technologies, had at least solved the cost issue. According to MIT Technology Review, the company figured out how to laminate ultra-thin sheets of sapphire over conventional glass to bring costs down. It’s also possible, as Digital Trends has noted, that sapphire’s scratch resistance would have translated to better shatter protection, due to fewer nicks and scuffs to weaken displays over time.

Not that it matters anymore. Earlier this month, Apple and GT Advanced parted ways after GT failed to meet production milestones. GT has filed for bankruptcy and is looking to sell off the sapphire furnaces at its Arizona facility.

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Apple company has tried its best to make the most of their products. Nevertheless, accidents happen. For your iPhone, iPad, iPods and other computer technician service, visit or call Crawley Computer Centre and you can be sure of their fastest turn-around time.


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