Top 10 Best Smartphones For 2014; Choose Yours…

Top 10 Best Smartphones For 2014; Choose Yours…

Best Smartphones for 2014

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What’s the best smartphones for 2014? Is it from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony?. Smartphones are taking the world by storm. Just in few years there are so many phones you can choose in the market. And it difficult to decide what is the best to buy. We’ve made it easy for you what we have here is what we think the top 10 smartphones for 2014.

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You want the best smartphone, right? We’ve whittled our constantly updated selection down to the 10 best handsets you can get your hands on right now – but after you’ve checked out number one, we’ve still got plenty of other options to feast your eyes on.

We’ve all got at least one mobile phone each, right? We’ve probably got about three or four nowadays, and that counts giving your old Nokia 3310 to your Mum a few years ago.


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But while you used to be able to just bank on the new Nokia or always get the next Sony Ericsson because it had a half-decent camera, there are now so many great options out there from loads of manufacturers.


The trouble is, how do you decide which is the best one for you?

Well, this is where we make it easy: we’ve played with nearly every device on the market and have found the ten best you can spend your money on. It needs to be good, after all, given it will reside in your pocket for the next two years.


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