Is it True That Iphone 6 Bent and Caught on Fire?

Is it True That Iphone 6 Bent and Caught on Fire?

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What will happen when your iphone 6 bent too much? Someone says when it bent so much it punctured the battery and caught fire. Will also cause second degree burns in human. Find out about the news here.

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Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones probably won’t bend just sitting in the pocket of your probably-too-tight skinny jeans (Apple notes that only a handful of people have reported the new iPhones bending in their pockets). One guy, however, says his phone not only bent in his pocket, but caught fire.

An entrepreneur and business coach by the name of Phillip Lechter says his iPhone 6 bent so much in his pocket that it punctured the battery, an event that can result in a fire. Lechter and his family were riding in a rickshaw (or pedicab, as it’s sometimes called) in Tucson, Ariz., when the rickshaw hit a trolley track in the road. Lechter said the impact sent him into the side of the metal rickshaw.

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His iPhone 6 was in the front pocket that hit the wall, he said, and was positioned such that it was bent nearly 90 degrees and punctured the battery, even though he had a leather case on his iPhone.

When he looked down, Lechter said he noticed that his leg was on fire. He said a nearby spectator jumped into action and threw a cup of water on his leg to put the fire out. Once the fire was out, Lechter said he was able to successfully get his phone out of his pocket and throw it out of the cab without burning his fingers, though he said he experienced a pretty significant burn on his leg.

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Image Source:Omar Jordan Fawahl