ZAGG Slim Book: Case for iPad Air with the best Keyboard

ZAGG Slim Book: Case for iPad Air with the best Keyboard

ZAGG Slim Book for iPad Air

Latest ZAGG Slim Book Keyboard Case for iPad Air

This ZAGG Slim Book for iPad Air’s new accessory that combines a bumper case and an add-on keyboard for Apple’s tablet. ZAGG Slim Book is one of the best keyboard cases on the market today.

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I write for a living and a good keyboard is mandatory for my work. That’s why I buy and try so many of them, looking for the ultimate solution to use with the iPad Air. The ZAGG Slim Book is so good my quest for the perfect keyboard may be over.

Last year I wrote almost a million words with the iPad Air using one keyboard or another. This demonstrates how important a good keyboard is for my work.

Video about ZAGG Slim Book for iPad Air

To be an acceptable solution, I have seven requirements for a keyboard case:

Very good keyboard
Protective case
Adjustable viewing angles
Backlit keys
Palm rest
Long battery life
Detachable tablet
The Slim Book from ZAGG is the first keyboard case that meets all of the criteria. It is a case that fully protects the expensive iPad Air while remaining light and highly portable.

The case consists of two parts: the keyboard with hinge and the lid that holds the iPad Air. When closed both sides of the case are black plastic (white available), and when opened the aluminum keyboard with black keys is exposed. The Slim Book looks like a small MacBook when opened.

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Source: James Kendrick

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