Sony PlayStation 4: Game console of all time

Sony PlayStation 4: Game console of all time

Sony PlayStation 4 Review

Sony’s fourth PlayStation console is fast, sleek and powerful. Its new DualShock gamepad is the best Sony’s ever made. And the console is just getting started. Here’s more about the flagship creations in Sony’s history,Playstation 4 a great gaming for 2015 and beyond.

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Now one year old, the PlayStation 4 is already well on its way to becoming one of the most successful games consoles of all time.
After selling an incredible one million units in just its first 24 hours on sale in the US, the PS4 has now been snapped up by 13 million gamers worldwide.

That’s a huge number which is even more impressive when you consider it’s around double the number of Xbox One consoles that have sold in the same time period. The sales gap is growing every day, too.
Things certainly don’t look like turning round for the PS4. With more graphical power than the Xbox One, 32 times more system memory than the PS3 and a firm focus on pure gaming experiences rather than media might, the PS4 has established itself as the next-gen console to beat in this generation.
It’s a games console built by gamers for gamers and won the hearts and minds of many from the word go, with lots of prospective next-genners left feeling alienated by some of Microsoft’s bizarre policies and choices for the Xbox One – many of which were reversed as a result of a backlash.

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What’s more, the PS4 is now available online for £325, less if you shop around a bit, which is about the same price as Microsoft’s Xbox One bundle without Kinect. It doesn’t come with the PlayStation Camera but this can be bought separately for £39 if you really want one. We don’t think it’s necessary, but we’ll get to that.

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