Sony PlayStation celebrating 20th Anniversary

Sony PlayStation celebrating 20th Anniversary

Sony PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary

Sony PlayStation Game Consoles celebrating 20 years in sales

Sony PlayStation was originally launched in Japan on December 3, 1994, 20 years ago. Into that space poured the idea of Sony PlayStation, a system born of a failed add-on deal with Nintendo and the first game console to eventually sell over 100 million units worldwide–surpassed only by the Sony PlayStation 2.

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Today, December 3rd, Sony celebrates 20 years since the PlayStation went on sale in Japan. And there’s much to celebrate; the brand is resurgent, with the PlayStation 4 enjoying a phenomenal first year.
But the occasion is a little bittersweet for long-term Sony watchers — it marks two decades since the company last truly changed the world.

The original PlayStation launch is an iPhone-level example of how to enter an established market and blindside every existing player. Nintendo, the market leader, was locked in a brutal dogfight with Sega for the hearts and minds of children across the world. Sony originally planned to release a CD-ROM-equipped Super Nintendo called the PlayStation, and showcased such a product at CES 1991; Nintendo, however, called off the partnership a day after Sony’s announcement due to disagreements over revenue sharing. Ken Kutaragi’s renegade division within Sony regrouped and, a few years later, reemerged with a product that subverted Nintendo’s entire business.

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After Nintendo ended its Sony partnership and a brief dalliance with Philips fizzled, the company reasserted its focus on cartridge technology for its first true 3D console, the Nintendo 64. Sega, meanwhile, released a 3D-capable, CD-equipped console of its own, the Saturn, but a combination of high pricing and poor 3D performance quickly saw it reduced to a sideshow.

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