The Sony PS4 Challenges

The Sony PS4 Challenges

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The PlayStation 4 also known as ps4 is among the highest innovation in the video game industry. It seems that PS4 is a hard climb, but the key to success is very simple. Find out here what are the challenges you’ll face if you have ps4.



It’s been weeks since the PlayStation 4 event underwhelmed many people. Myself included. But as time has passed, my mind’s become clearer as to why, exactly, I was so disappointed. It’s a challenge for the PlayStation 4 to overcome, but it’s also a challenge of all “next-gen” consoles.

I hate the term “next-gen” as much as anyone else, but that’s what happens when you have one piece of hardware sit out on the market for six or seven years while you anticipate what the Next Big Thing will be. “Next-gen” doesn’t happen with phones or tablets quite as much because there’s always new hardware. Every year brings improvements. Your choice is to pick when to wait and upgrade.

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The PlayStation 4 can succeed. Of course it can. But it has to avoid the problems of the Wii U thus far. And the PlayStation Vita. It needs to be “next-gen”…but in ways that matter.

Challenge 1: The current gen of consoles has been really good
It’s kind of amazing, but somehow there were three consoles that all achieved excellent things, and significant levels of success. Whether you picked a Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 back in 2005 and 2006, things turned out pretty well for you. They produced excellent libraries of games, and significant platform support.

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