Sony’s PS4 Can Handle Four Controllers At Once

Sony’s PS4 Can Handle Four Controllers At Once

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Ps4 accessories are controller, wireless headset and camera and have a great gaming experience. Unlike Playstation 3 that can handle 7 controllers, Ps4 will juggle just four controllers at once. Learn more about exciting features of PlayStation4.


Sony’s PlayStation 4 will support as many as four controllers at the same time, less than the number supported by the PS3 and Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One.

The four-controller limit was confirmed on Wednesday in a tweet by Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment. In contrast, the PS3 supports up to seven controllers, while Microsoft’s Xbox One will support up to eight , allowing for more people to join in on a single game. The current Xbox 360 can manage up to four controllers.

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Hardware support isn’t the only factor here. Games also must be designed with the necessary support. Few existing PS3 games can handle seven controllers, so Sony may have simply decided that four was the right number for most multi-user gameplay.

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