Uno noteband; one touch speed-reading band

Uno noteband; one touch speed-reading band

Uno Noteband Launched

Uno Noteband Features

The first wearable to use Spritz, a new reading compression technology to enable one touch reading. Displaying your messages one word at a time, Uno keeps you connected with ease.

uno noteband

Most wearables we’ve seen hit the market so far aim to cut down the number of times you check your phone for notifications. But how much information can you really consume on such a small watchface? Uno believes you can read plenty on a two-inch screen – and fast.

Based on Spritz’s no-training-necessary speed-reading technology, the Uno Noteband is an ambitious project that displays notifications one word at a time, to let you get through them quickly and without the need to scroll. With Spritz, users can go as fast as 700 words per minute on the device.

Video about Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband pairs with your phone and delivers the usual barrage of alerts about your incoming calls, texts, email, social network updates and calendar events. Notably, it also plugs into Xbox Live, PlayStation and Steam to let you know about invitations to matches on your preferred gaming network.

It’s also a capable fitness tracker that records your daily steps and activity levels and syncs the data with Apple Health and Google Fit. Sweetening the deal is a battery that can run for over five days on a single charge – a lot more than the upcoming Apple Watch or the already available Moto 360.

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Source: Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Image source: Nick Tsai