The Updated Powerful Xbox One

The Updated Powerful Xbox One

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Microsoft Xbox One Video Game Console

Do you have the new XBOX One? Xbox One is a video game console developed and marketed by Microsoft and just launched last May 2013 and a successor of Xbox 360. The Xbox One is a brilliant console that many gamers love. Here we have a few information about the latest Xbox One.

xbox one The Xbox One is now 11 months old and selling strongly. Over five million gamers have bought into the Xbox One philosophy so far, a number that would be even more impressive were it not for the PS4’s incredible tally of nearly ten million. Not just a games machine, the Xbox One designed to sit at the centre of your digital home, offering a slick, unified interface for your choice of Sky, Virgin, BT, Freeview and Freesat TV services alongside music and movie streaming options, Skype chats, catch-up TV and more.


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The Xbox One release date was 22 November 2013, launching with the new version of Kinect on board by default, though Microsoft later made the console available without it – for a cheaper price – from June 2014 onwards.The normal Xbox One console can be found for £379 online, while the version without Kinect costs somewhere around the £350 mark – about the same as the PlayStation 4 which also comes without its Camera accessory by default. Make no mistake though, Kinect is baked deep into the Xbox One experience, with voice and gesture controls at the heart of everything should you choose to use them.So if you’re not going to play a game, you no longer need to use the gamepad to turn the console on or navigate to your entertainment of choice.It certainly hasn’t been a stellar start for the Xbox One, but nor has it been an unmitigated disaster. Let’s see if it’s worth your money.


The first thing you’ll notice about the console when you get it out of the needlessly elaborate packaging is what an absolute beast it is. It measures 274 x 79 x 333 mm, making it longer and taller than a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox 360. You don’t need a tape measure to figure that out though, the thing just looks huge and it’s not exactly a looker, either.   To read the full article go here

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