Xbox One A Little Too Loud

Xbox One A Little Too Loud

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If your Xbox One sounds a little louder than usual and you’re receiving more and more noise complaints, you may want to get in contact with Microsoft. Microsoft says it will replace any recently bought Xbox One units that are emitting loud noises. Is your Xbox One too noisy?


Microsoft will replace faulty Xbox One game consoles that have proven too noisy for some owners.

Consumers who recently purchased an Xbox One took to Microsoft’s official forums over the last few weeks to complain of a loud buzzing or clicking noise when the console is running. The majority of the complaints appear to be from customers who purchased the Xbox One without a Kinect motion sensor. One user, who posted about the issue in August, called it a “terrible noise,” adding that it “sounds like an old printer and lots of static.”

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Although the first complaint was published on August 5, over 800 similar stories hit the forums over the last month as more users experienced the same problem.

In a statement to CNET on Wednesday, Microsoft confirmed that some consoles were creating too much noise and it would exchange the consoles for fully operational models.

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