Antivirus scam apps in Google Play’s top 5 list

Antivirus scam apps in Google Play’s top 5 list

Antivirus scams on Google Play Apps

Android Security preventing Antivirus scam apps

Before it was flagged and removed, one of the most successful apps on Google Play for over a week was an antivirus app that did nothing other than change an image. Later on revealed as an antivirus scam application that could possibly a malware infecting your Android mobile phones.

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There’s something that Android users have to worry about a little more than iOS users: malware. A quick search on both app stores reveals a noticeable imbalance in the number of antivirus apps on Google Play — and a good antivirus app can do very well on the Android marketplace.

So too can a bad antivirus app. An app called Virus Shield launched on 28 March at a price of AU$3.99 ($3.99 in the US), and proved so popular that it rocketed to the top of the “new paid Android app” chart and stayed in the top five of all paid apps, behind only Minecraft and SwiftKey.

Video about Antivirus Scam Apps

Virus Shield collected over 10,000 installs, and positive four- and five-star reviews from 1,270 users. Its selling points were its clean interface and simplicity: all a user had to do was tap the screen to activate antivirus protection, and that was it.

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Source: Michelle Starr

Image Source:Jon Fingas