The Email Computer Hoax 030303 – Is It Real Virus Warning?

The Email Computer Hoax 030303 – Is It Real Virus Warning?

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A computer hoax is a false warning about a computer virus. Usually this warning arrives in an e-mail attachment, note or is distributed through a note in a company’s name. It is a false email but unfortunately some people sometimes believe a hoax to be a true. 030303 is one example of email computer hoax. Find out more about 030303 here.

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The following email began to be spread in the latter days of February 2003, reporting that the internet would stop on Monday 3 March, 2003. It is clear that the email is nonsense – and it should be noted that no manufacturers or individuals are named in the alert. Sophos recommends users delete the email if they receive it, and do not pass it onto their friends and colleagues. Year 2003 Bug creates new panic as vulnerabilities exposed.

One of the largest manufacturers of networking equipment announced on Saturday 23rd February, that it has discovered a software bug that will cause internetworking equipment to shutdown or malfunction early next month. The event is triggered by the date 030303, and effects most switches and routers purchased between April 2000 and October 2002. The company denies that this problem was deliberately introduced as a result of sharp revenue decreases and profit warnings in early 2000.

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Image Source: Cheryl Cox