A Fake Anti-virus Removal Has A Latest Campaign to Infect its User

A Fake Anti-virus Removal Has A Latest Campaign to Infect its User

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Be careful when opening websites or links connected to posts. There are plenty of malicious programs and links that will infect your system unit or destroy the files that you have. There are many Anti-virus removal software that may at least help to detect these programs and fix them. But the worst case scenario, some malware are hard to detect and fix. Here’s one of the new and latest campaign that will surely infect your system unit:

Many of us may not be aware that the link that we are opening is directing us to a big damage on our files or our system. An Anti-virus removal software is one way of protecting our systems. Otherwise, Crawley Computer Centre is here to make sure that your system files that was damaged by the virus will be recovered in the fastest turn-around time.


New Scareware Campaign Tricks Users with Fake Antivirus


A new type of scareware advertisement tricks users into believing their systems are infected and need expert help to remove the malware, Bitdefender warns.

The malware-spreading mechanism is quite simple: the fake AV ads pop up unexpectedly when browsing the web, after the user’s computer has been previously infected with adware. Malicious ads usually enter the system under the form of an innocent-looking browser extension or application which installs itself when downloading free programs such as games, system optimizers, file converters, and others.

The fake messages are very alarming and urge users to dial a tech support number in order to remove the alleged viruses putting at risk their personal and financial data.

The dialogue boxes reappear even if users try to close them. Phishers cleverly used images instead of text in an attempt to bypass anti-phishing engines looking for fraud-related keywords.

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Source:  Alexandra Gheorghe

Image Source:  Danny Thompson