Your Laptop Is Infected: 5 Signs

Your Laptop Is Infected: 5 Signs

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Recognize the signs of a computer virus infection and how to determine if your computer is infected. How can you tell if your computer has a virus?

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It starts out with the small suspicion that something is wrong. You notice your laptop takes much longer than usual to complete a simple task. Or you open that file for your big report only to find it a mess of garbled characters and unreadable text. For a brief moment, you consider the possibility that you’ve gone crazy. Then you actually pray this is true, because you’d much rather accept that explanation over the more likely alternative: Your computer is infected.

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But hold on. Before you embark on that disk defragmentation spree, know that there may be hope for you yet. One of the trickiest problems in PC troubleshooting is figuring out whether a machine is sick or if it is simply old and needs upgrading — especially because malware creators do their best to conceal their nefarious activities. This allows them to stealthily gobble up your computing power to run their self-serving processes.

Fortunately, there are several signposts that can help you tell whether your laptop is indeed infected, or just outdated. To help spend less time fretting and more time deciding what your next steps should be, we enlisted the expertise of Jacques Erasmus, chief information security officer for Webroot, and Catalin Cosoi, global research director for BitDefender, both leading antivirus companies.

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