Microsoft’s Free Anti-virus Has Failed Examinations

Microsoft’s Free Anti-virus Has Failed Examinations

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Microsoft’s free anti-virus software, Security Essentials, has failed examinations conducted by AV-Test, for the second time around. The world’s most popular security suite, failed to win AV-Test certification.Technology advancement gave way for viruses and hacking abilities to elevate as well. That’s why higher standards of measurement for checking anti-virus software is set. Find out below why Microsoft has failed.

microsofts free anti virus failed examinations

Microsoft‘s free anti-virus software, Security Essentials, has failed tests conducted by AV-Test; a company that provides data to makers of such programs. Security Essentials did not meet AV-Test’s standards for protecting against new and recent malware.

AV-Test found that Microsoft’s product didn’t catch 28 per cent of the ‘zero-day’ (ie new and unencountered) malware files it threw at it. SE also failed to spot 9 per cent of malware considered ‘recent’ — from the last three months. AV-Test found that the industry average was 8 per cent and 3 per cent respectively.

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Microsoft has responded to this slight on its virus-hunting rep, essentially saying it’s very difficult to replicate the consumer experience in these tests. When it looked at the files AV-Test used, it found only 0.003 per cent of its customers had encountered any of the zero-day malware, has vowed to reduce that number. As my colleague Seth Rosenblatt points out at CNET News , this is the second such test in a row SE has failed.

Seth Rosenblatt, who writes about these products all the time, disagrees with me, recommending Avast, AVG and Panda Cloud. These are all free versions that will repeatedly ask you for money, so perhaps he’s simply a more patient person.

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