Malware reports are used to gather intelligence

Malware reports are used to gather intelligence

Malware gathering intelligence from reports

Russian Government uses malware reports to gather intelligence

Malware reports are gathered for security purposes and  to create counter measures against malware attacks. A malicious software was designed to use for gathering of sensitive information from companies and governments, according to the report. Here is the complete article about the issue.


Malicious software designed to steal sensitive information from businesses and foreign governments is made in Russia and supported by the Russian government, a security research firm reported Tuesday.

The group behind the malicious software, or malware, has been identified as APT28 and has links to a “government sponsor based in Moscow,” Dan McWhorter, FireEye vice president of Threat Intelligence, wrote in a blog post discussing the report. APT28 has been targeting “privileged information related to governments, militaries and security organizations,” for at least seven years, he wrote.

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Malware and computer viruses have been a problem since the earliest days of the personal computer, but government-sponsored malware is still rare. One of the best-known malware from a government is Stuxnet, which the US used to attack Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities.

Maintaining the kind of sustained attack from APT28 that FireEye describes is no easy feat, explained Kenneth Geers, former FireEye analyst and current ambassador for a NATO group tasked with improving international cooperation in combating cyberthreats. “Only nation-states can afford this kind of long-term, mission-oriented, organizational approach to hacking,” he told CNET. “Target selection,” he said, meaning who the malware is aimed at, “betrays the perpetrators. Cyber defense must include geopolitical contextual analysis.”

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