The Worst Computer Viruses in History

The Worst Computer Viruses in History

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Here are the different and famous kinds of viruses in the history around the world interpreted by different artists. Have a time to read this article and find out the different viruses.

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Some computer viruses are little more than crudely brutal assaults, while others are secretive things, works of elegance. Whichever it may have been, though, it is the rare PC user who has never been infected — and, over the years, since the first large-scale outbreak due to the Elk Cloner, there have been many notable viruses over the years.

Curated by Amsterdam-based writer Bas van de Poel, Computer Virus Catalog is a sort of homage to those viruses — the funny, the clever, the downright infuriating.

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“They steal our files, corrupt our hard drives, and destroy our lives. We scan. We block. Do everything we can to prevent infection. Computer viruses. We hate ’em,” van de Poel wrote. “Nevertheless, we remain fascinated by their evil plots. This fascination led to a new kind of art collection — Computer Virus Catalog. The worst viruses in computer history interpreted by artists around the world.”

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