Which Android Phone wins in 2014?

Which Android Phone wins in 2014?

Best Android Phones of 2014

In the past we’ve declared one Android phone the best for most people, but we recognize that everyone has different priorities in a phone. And this year, the phone makers haven’t made it easier. Which one should you get? Well, that just depends on your priorities.

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My my my, what an interesting year this has been for phones.

This year, Apple really does have its work cut out for it when it comes to making a product that can beat what’s out this year. But what if you want something from the slate of Android phones out now: what’s the best Android for your money?

We’ve reviewed them all, and then some, spending time with them in our lives and used them as a real phone, so let’s see just which is better from our point of view, working this out not just in different areas, but really getting down to the nitty gritty for those of you who just aren’t sure yet.

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Design and build
We’ll start with the most obvious one for all these handsets: the look, and then the feel, and they all have something different to offer here.

Samsung, for instance, has taken an approach closer to what it offers in its tablets, with a plastic body, shiny faux metal trim, and a dimpled back to give the feeling that you’re holding a fabric or leather-bound handset that won’t slip out of the hands.
It’s comfortable, that’s for sure, but well built it isn’t, feeling more like plastic and less like a strengthened material like metal or aluminium.

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Source: Leigh D. Stark

Image source: REDBOOK Magazine