Five reasons to choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge instead of the HTC One M9

Five reasons to choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge instead of the HTC One M9

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Samsung’s striking, high-end Galaxy S6 Edge has the beauty, brains and brawn to take down the iPhone 6 and all the Android competition.

Galaxy S6 Edge

I couldn’t decide if the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or HTC One M9 was the better choice for my next smartphone so about 10 days ago I pre-ordered both. After spending a week with both T-Mobile versions, I returned one and kept the other.

My HTC One M9 review was based on the international model and after using the T-Mobile model for a week, my rating should have been an 8.5 out of 9.5, primarily because the camera is not as good as what I found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Video About Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I posted my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review yesterday and if the battery life was better I would likely have given it a near perfect 10. Most consumers don’t use their smartphones as heavily as I do so consumers may find the battery perfectly acceptable.

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Both the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are excellent choices and the one we purchase is a personal decision. The One M9 may be the one for you, but these are a few of the reasons I chose the S6 Edge over the M9:

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