LG G4 release date, price & specs rumours

LG G4 release date, price & specs rumours

LG G4 Review

LG will unveil its G4 Android smartphone on April 28. Here’s everything we already know about its upcoming flagship device.


Released last year, the LG G3 was a surprisingly good phone, with the highest resolution screen that we’d ever seen. The question is, what can LG do to make the G4 even more desirable? The competition is certainly going to be tough with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 both of which launched at MWC in Barcelona, but we’ve dug through all the rumours to find out what LG has in store for us and when we can expect the LG G4.

In some ways, we’re surprised not to have seen the phone yet, with the other flagship Android phones for 2015 already declared. However, LG likes to do things at its own pace and often doesn’t stick to yearly release cycles, making it harder to predict what will happen. That said, it looks as though the LG G4 isn’t too far away, which means we can build up a fairly detailed picture of what to expect.

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Confirmed: LG G4 release date – LG will announce the G4 on 28th April 2015

LG had sent out some save-the-date invites for the 28th April, with the back of a handset clearly visible on the invite. What was missing was confirmation that this launch was for the LG G4. While it was pretty much guaranteed to be for the next-generation smartphone, we’ve now got the official confirmation that we wanted thanks to the final invite that has just gone out. With the words “LG invites you to the official unveiling of LG G4” emblazoned on the front, you can’t get much clearer than that.

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