Meizu MX4 Pro: Subtle aesthetics meet raw power

Meizu MX4 Pro: Subtle aesthetics meet raw power

Meizu MX4 Pro Review

High-end specs, excellent performance and an intuitive UI make this affordable Meizu a real pro.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Meizu is a rather unfamiliar name to many living in the UK, US and Australia. However, over the past few years the Chinese smartphone company has been subtlety expanding into the global market, building significant fan bases in France, Russia, Italy, Ukraine and Israel.

This gradual expansion into the Middle East and Europe is no fluke. In China, Meizu products both MP3 players and smartphones, have always been renowned for being well built and affordable.

Video About Meizu MX4 Pro

Prices for the Meizu MX4 Pro are higher than the Chinese RRP but the MX4 Pro still offers great value for money, with the 16GB model currently available for $579 (around £380, AU$750). This price also includes shipping from Hong Kong and an international 12 month warranty.

With the use of the global Meizumart online store and localised sites for certain countries, Meizu has managed to get its products into the hands of consumers all over the world and enhance its reputation further afield.

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Image Source:Sanjib Patra