Microsoft Lumia 435 Official Launch

Microsoft Lumia 435 Official Launch

Microsoft Lumia 435 Smartphone Launch

Microsoft’s Latest Windows Smartphone

Microsoft has announced its latest Windows Phone smartphone, the Microsoft Lumia 435, the handset comes with Windows Phone 8.1 and it is designed to be a budget smartphone. Here’s more about Microsoft Lumia 435’s low budget windows smartphone.

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Its time to welcome the newest member of the Microsoft Lumia series after the launch of the first Microsoft Lumia official launch that is Lumia 535. Microsoft Lumia 435 is the next official Lumia smartphone with Microsoft branding which is reportedly being tested in India already. Thus, we expect the official Launch of Lumia 435 very soon.

Microsoft Lumia 435 is expected to be an affordable budget windows smartphone, thus adding up to the list of best budget windows smartphone which one could go for. Both the specification of Lumia 435 and Price of Lumia 435 hints that this smartphone is low budget windows smartphone.

Video about Microsoft Lumia 435 Smartphone

Expected Price Of Lumia 435 in India
Price of Lumia 435 in India is expected to be around Rs. 4,000. Recently an import document leaked showcasing the import price of Lumia 435 is India, which as per the document is Rs. 3,541. Since the retail price exceeds the import price, we are expecting it to be around Rs. 4,000.

Also, information about the battery packed up inside Lumia 435 is also revealed which is going to be BV-5J. This battery is exclusive to Lumia 435 and as per the model no. we can say that Lumia 435 is already being tested in India. Information about the price of Lumia 435 battery in India was also revealed via the same document. The import price is around Rs. 190 for the official Nokia Lumia 435 BV-5J battery.

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