Nokia mobile plans to sell in 2016

Nokia mobile plans to sell in 2016

Nokia Mobile

Many people thought that we had seen the last of Nokia when they sold its Lumia devices business to Microsoft. Luckily that’s not the case it will be back on 2016 selling mobile phones.


Nokia is reportedly planning to get back into the mobile phone business, despite having sold its handset division to Microsoft. That 2013 deal precludes Nokia from selling phones under its own brand until next year, but the company is already plotting a return as soon as the embargo lifts, according to Re/code.

Video About Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia has been nibbling away at the mobile market over the past couple of years, despite its non-compete agreement with Microsoft. The company has produced a homescreen, dubbed ZLauncher, for Android devices – providing a firm hint of the company’s thinking when it comes to the operating system it might use for future Nokia handsets. That homescreen also appeared on the Nokia N1, an Android tablet that the company unveiled at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

If Nokia did re-enter the mobile business, it would almost certainly have to rely on a third-party manufacturer to physically build the handsets. Nokia disposed of its manufacturing plants and supply chain as part of the £4.5 billion deal with Microsoft in 2013.

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