Samsung Galaxy A5: Sleek, slim, fully metal

Samsung Galaxy A5: Sleek, slim, fully metal

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 represent Samsung’s first stab at an all-metal build, and the first of its smartphones to seal in the battery completely. The all-aluminum material and their unibody construction.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung’s a good brand for trying things out. After the mixed reviews to the Galaxy S5 it needed something big, as the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 both accelerated the design story while keeping up with the high-power internals.

But that doesn’t mean the South Korean giant wasn’t looking to keep things fresh in the non-premium market, offering something for those that don’t want to have to sell a car / kidney / house every time they fancy a new handset.

The Galaxy A5 joins the A3 in the new range of more affordable smartphones, bringing with it a lower spec list while upping the design message with an all-metal unibody along with a microSD slot.

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The latter part is important, after the Galaxy Alpha (which only had a 4.7-inch screen) decided to go without the memory expansion but keep the removable battery.

It seems Samsung can only ever have one of these features on board at any one time, with the metal chassis prohibiting the use of a battery pack that can be swapped out.

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