ZTE Blade S6: An iPhone 6 lookalike at a budget price

ZTE Blade S6: An iPhone 6 lookalike at a budget price

ZTE Blade S6 Review

Though it looks like the iPhone 6, the ZTE Blade S6 feels like a cheap Android phone. However, its low price and some useful features makes this a viable choice for those on a budget.

ZTE Blade S6

The ZTE Blade S6 looks almost embarrassingly like the iPhone 6, right down to the round edges and faux-aluminum rear (it’s actually plastic). Missing only are the antenna band markings.

Intended for Southeast Asia and Europe, the phone sells online at Aliexpress for $250 (which converts to around AU$320) with free shipping, and should soon be available in stores in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It’s also now available in the UK via eBay, for £180.

Video About ZTE Blade S6

The Blade S6 exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations — I’m not a fan of the design, given that most copycat phones from China tend to focus on imitating a popular design while failing on the software part. That said, ZTE has done well to get the software part right — adding some useful gesture features — and the copycat design makes the phone look refined and cool, even if it does feel like a cheap plastic phone at the end of the day.

Still, $250 isn’t a bad deal if you’re in the market for an iPhone lookalike but don’t want to pay the iPhone premium. It’s no iPhone though. At best it’s a decently performing Android phone with some interesting features, a disappointingly plastic build and a poor camera.

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