ZTE Blade S6 looks startlingly similar to the iPhone 6

ZTE Blade S6 looks startlingly similar to the iPhone 6

ZTE Blade S6 Review

The ZTE Blade S6 has an incredibly similar curved-edge glass front. It’s slightly larger thanks to its 5-inch display, which has 1,280×720 pixels. It feels lighter, though, and it’s also thicker, at 7.7mm.

ZTE Blade S6

There’s a permanently visible circular home key that seems to suggest iPhone-like functionality, but pressing it won’t wake the phone from sleep, despite that being your instinctive response. This home button doubles as a blue notification light, which also looks a little cheap and out of place.

Either side of that home button are two dots that occasionally light up, providing the standard Android back and menu buttons. They’ve been left as dots because you can swap around their assigned functions, but it feels a little counter-intuitive not having them properly labeled.

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Matters improve with the ZTE Blade S6‘s display. It’s only a relatively modest 5-inch 720p LCD effort, so it’s not particularly sharp compared to the 1080p efforts that are now making their way into mid-range fare such as the Honor 6 and (of course) the OnePlus One.

However, it’s sharp enough for most tasks. The picture is nice and clear, thanks to in-cell technology that combines the digitiser and the LCD components into a single layer. Viewing angles are decent too, as befits an IPS screen.

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